The Escort and The Courtesan


This post is an attempt to give you a definition of the term 'courtesan'. In doing so I will also address the ways in which a high class escort differs from an escort, and what it is that makes a high class escort a courtesan. –If this confuses you, please read on. Before continuing, I feel obliged to inform you about two important aspects of my writing. First, what I am presenting you with is a commonly held view, but by no means is it the definition of a courtesan; it is a definition. Secondly, it should be mentioned that in making this categorization, I am thus reproducing an existing social construct. The thing about social constructs is that there are always individual cases that do not at all seem to fit the category to which they would be assigned by certain indicators.

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In this post I will give some personal advice to gentlemen with little experience, couples, and women who are considering to make a booking with me.

Advice to gentlemen with little to no experience

Perhaps you have never been in the company of a private courtesan, or perhaps you have never been with an escort at all. This could make your booking extra exiting. My first tip would be to mention it is the first time for you to make a booking. Furthermore, to take away possible concerns, you should ask any questions you might have. One of the advantages of booking a high class girl is that she is focused on providing you with suitable company and a satisfying personal experience. This includes the right guidance where needed. Informing her about it being the first time you make a booking, should usually be enough. The Client Etiquette tells you exactly what is expected from you, which is really nothing special. From the moment she arrives, she will make sure that your only task is to enjoy.

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