Client Etiquette

The Escort Client Etiquette consists of some guidelines for you to follow before/during the booking of our date and during my companionship. These are simple, reasonable —I would almost say ‘universal’— guidelines for anyone who makes a booking with a high-class travel/escort companion. Do not worry, I am confident that you will find them easy to follow.


My companionship and escort services are available to upscale gentlemen (and women). Your age is not relevant, as long as you are older than 25. Your ethnicity and nationality are not important, so there is no need to worry about that. Your physical appearance is not what matters to me either; I am much more concerned with how enjoyable you are to spend time with. I merely ask you to be hygienically clean, well groomed, and that you make some effort to dress decently.

Personal Information

Before our date takes place, I require your personal information, such as your full name and date of birth. I might also ask you to provide me with a form of identification. Of course, this is merely to ensure my safety. You can rest assured that all information you share is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Appointment and Confirmation

After you made an online booking request you will receive (1) a response with either a confirmation or a suggestion for an alternative date, in case I happen to be unavailable.

You will always receive (2) an additional confirmation of our appointment (in your mailbox) with the date, time, location, the (total) applicable financial compensation, and an overview of any additional requests you might have made and/or any agreements we might have made (such as specific clothing wishes/other special requests from your side and/or an official confidentiality agreement).

I will also send you (3) an e-mail reminder/final confirmation the day before our date takes place, which includes my cell phone number, enabling you to contact me directly if necessary.


Before I travel to the location of our date, I will ask you for your room number and the name with which you registered for your hotel room, so that I can give you a call at your hotel room to check if everything is okay. In case (part of) our date is going to be at your private residence, I need a different kind of security check. Of course everything will happen in consultation and in a very discrete manner.


In case you want to cancel or reschedule our appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. I appreciate a 24 hours cancellation notice prior to the scheduled appointment. I will not charge you for a cancellation, but instead allow you to reschedule our date. After a second cancellation, I am willing to reschedule our original appointment for one last time. After that, you will (okay, you might… depending on the circumstances, since I am not a b*tch) be charged for a minimum booking (€600). I am licensed and registered, and thus capable of making use of a legal dept collection agency. 


I kindly request you to be freshly showered, and hygienically clean before we are getting physically intimate. In case you have not had the opportunity to freshen up before our appointment, I would not mind if you took a quick shower at your hotel room during our date. Since I do not charge for an extra hour if our date lasts a little bit (up to 30 minutes) longer than planned due to unforeseen circumstances, you can take your time for this.


I am very sensitive to smells. If at all possible, I kindly request that you do not wear cologne when meeting me.


Please, make sure you have the correct amount ready on my arrival. Payment has to take place within the first 5 minutes of our date. Preferably you simply hand it to me in an unsealed envelope, without making any comment about it.


Both my and your health are of high importance to me, and hopefully to you as well. I do not perform intercourse or oral sex without protection.

Please take into account that this is not negotiable, and that I will terminate the date if you do not respect these guidelines. Purposely showing me any kind of notable signs of ‘discomfort’ with having to use protection, is considered to be an attempt at negotiation, and something I perceive to be incredibly childish. If you are not comfortable with and not willing to use protection, I would want to ask you to not make a booking with me for any intimate encounter.

Of course, I will provide approved means of protection (quality condoms, in various shapes, tastes and sizes).


Needles to mention, is that you should always be respectful, and respect my boundaries.