Luxury Companionship

It does seem to be quite difficult for someone to give a summarized yet comprehensive description of one’s self, so here I will focus on what is important for you to know at this stage: what to expect from me and my companionship as your Private Elite Courtesan, Luxury (Escort and Travel) Companion and Personal Confidante.


Private Elite Courtesan

A date with me is genuine. You will have my undivided attention during our time together. The kind of attention that goes beyond the physical state of your being. My companionship should make you feel comfortable and worthy. Our time together should be valuable (not superficial), yet uncomplicated.

Besides a warm heart, you can expect a warm touch. I am an intimate, sensual lover. I believe in our ability to overcome that unnatural discomfort people often experience whenever they meet someone for the first time. Ideally, we build from a passionate French kiss, and continue our physical encounter to wherever the flow leads us, following your personal needs and desires.


Luxury Escort Companion

My physical appearance is natural, and I am the 'classic beauty' type. I was blessed with a great physique, plush lips, and a symmetrical angel-like face. Needless to say, you can expect me to be dressed and behave appropriate for the environment in which you desire to meet me. Although I am well-mannered and academically educated, I would define 'high class' not necessarily in terms of social or educational background, but rather in terms of the ability to adapt.

My background has made me familiar with the most upper classes of modern day society. Practically, it means I was thought social etiquette at a very young age, and that I am very used to moving around in an international upper class social environment. It implies I am able to provide you with the most presentable companionship to any social occasion.

My dress style is in harmony with my looks; quite classic and feminine. As a presentable companion, I always dress to the occasion, and never over-dress. I do wear designer clothes and have a good sense of fashion, but my overall style remains classy and timeless. I would not wear anything that is going to look ridiculous ten years from now. I seek to compliment my figure, but you will not see me walking around in a miniskirt.


Personal Confidante

You may also think of me as the kind of person you can share your inner world with. It would be an honour to become your Personal Confidante. Obviously these things take time, trust building, and most of all a connection (emotional and intellectual compatibility) to start with, but you can rest assured that you are dealing with someone who is both compassionate and unprejudiced by nature. Above all, you can always be yourself around me. And, of course, everything we discuss remains confidential. For now, and forever.