Below you will find my answers to FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) about the offered companionship and escort services.

Do you guarantee high quality?

Yes. Every date is unique, and I am not the type to tell you that I am the perfect escort companion for you, since we are both individual human beings. However, I do guarantee ‘high quality’ in the sense that all the information you will find on this website is truthful. I am everything I claim to be: well-mannered, highly attractive by social standards, well educated, and unprejudiced. I am the lady in the pictures. My statistics, such as height, sizes and age are up to date. And, every sentence on this website is authentic —I write the content myself. Furthermore, I guarantee high quality in the sense that I will always pay detailed attention to your personal wishes and I put in great effort to prepare for our date accordingly. You can most definitely expect no less than my undivided attention during our time together.

Where can we meet?

Within the Netherlands, we can meet at your five-star hotel (room) or private address. From there we could go elsewhere. For international bookings, please inquire

How do I make a booking?

By filling in the booking form.

How far in advance do I need to make a booking?

After submitting your online booking request, you will usually receive a response within 24 hours. But it might happen (this is very rare) that I it will take me up to 72 hours to respond. Therefore I recommend you make your booking at least 24 hours in advance. Preferably further in advance. (You may use the contact form to inquire about my availability on a specific date and time.)

(How) do you guarantee my privacy?

Your privacy is priority. Your personal details are not kept on record, are not accessible to and will never be shared with any person or party other than myself, ever —I am my own webdeveloper, accountant, and driver. Furthermore, any personal information as well as all communication history will be erased permanently once the booking is completed, guaranteeing complete privacy and discretion.

Do I have to pay travel expenses?

Within The Netherlands, no.

Can I get a discount?

No, my rates are not negotiable. More important is that I am not interested in meeting you if you present me with this question.

What kind of sexual services do you provide exactly?

I prefer not to publish detailed descriptions of the possibilities during our intimate encounters. I am not that kind of escort girl. However, you may contact me to inform me about your personal wishes and desires, and I will inform you about my do’s and dont’s. Open-minded and adventurous as I am, I am willing to fulfill most (not all) requests. Of course it also depends on the amount of respect I receive. Be a gentleman. 

Can I see unblurred photos?

No. It is important for me to remain anonymous. If my real life physical appearance turns out to be a disappointment, I would appreciate it if you could compensate me for my traveling time and expenses, but I give you the possibility to terminate our date without further payment, within the first five minutes.

You date socially challenged individuals…

With socially challenged, I mean individuals who are extremely shy, sensitive or i.e. are diagnosed with autism. All you have to do is inform me about this, and I will do my very best to meet your specific needs. I do not mind spending some extra time and effort to communicate with you before our date takes place.

What is this ‘Privilege Code’ about?

As a luxury companion and high-end GFE escort, I wish to avoid online reviews. I rather meet with clients who found me through personal recommendation. If you were able to get a hand on my ‘business’ card, you will find a code on the back of it. When making an online booking for an escort date, you can enter this code at the bottom of the online contact form. It provides you with the privilege of not having to go through an additional screening procedure before I accept your booking.