The Escort and The Courtesan


This post is an attempt to give you a definition of the term 'courtesan'. In doing so I will also address the ways in which a high class escort differs from an escort, and what it is that makes a high class escort a courtesan. –If this confuses you, please read on. Before continuing, I feel obliged to inform you about two important aspects of my writing. First, what I am presenting you with is a commonly held view, but by no means is it the definition of a courtesan; it is a definition. Secondly, it should be mentioned that in making this categorization, I am thus reproducing an existing social construct. The thing about social constructs is that there are always individual cases that do not at all seem to fit the category to which they would be assigned by certain indicators.

The Escort

First, let’s address the term 'escort'. In the dictionary you may find something that has to do with vehicles accompanying another vehicle to protect or honor its passengers or something about warships or planes that are used to defend other craft from hostile attacks. Of course this is not what we are talking about. In this post the term 'escort' is used to refer to a person who is a sex worker, offering out-calls. Out-call means the sex worker will visit you, at home or at your hotel room for example. In-call means you are the one who is visiting the sex worker. In sum, a regular escort commonly provides sexual services at your location.

The High Class Escort

A high class escort is different from a regular escort in multiple ways. Of course, people have all sorts of (subjective) associations with the two types of escorts. This is something I will not go into, if only because I disagree with the view that suggestively places one above the other. Instead, I will focus on the less subjective indicators. Starting with the minimum duration of a booking and the average hourly rates, after which I will explain how the offered services are different.

Minimum Booking Duration and Rates

When it comes to the minimum duration of a booking, most regular escorts working in The Netherlands accept bookings starting from one hour, although you can find escorts who will visit you for half an hour. You can expect rates of about €150 to €250 per hour. Most Dutch and European high class escorts accept bookings starting from a minimum of two and sometimes three or more hours. High class escorts based in the Netherlands have an hourly rate that is usually somewhere between €300 and €400, although you can find high class escorts who charge €1.000 per hour, or more.


The difference in minimum booking duration and rates reflect the offered services; a high class escort differs from a regular escort, in terms of what you can reasonably expect from her. As stated above, a regular escort offers services of a sexual nature. Although a high class escort usually offers services of a sexual nature as well, you are also provided with companionship outside of the bedroom. You should be able to take a high class escort out for a romantic dinner or on a different kind of date. Meaning, you are provided with personal attention, a decent conversation and public companionship. And, if you desire, with sexual services.
Because high class escorts should be able to provide you with personal attention, a decent conversation and public companionship, you can expect your high class escort to at least speak decent English and to be well-mannered. You would not want your escort to embarrass you in public or make it seem obvious by her behavior and the way she dresses, that she is not a regular date. The other way around, you cannot expect your high class escort to drop by for a simple intercourse session. You are expected to offer her a drink, communicate, and make her feel comfortable. Moreover, you are expected not to treat her any different from a regular date.

The High Class Escort and The Courtesan

The previous part explains the basic differences between a regular escort and a high class escort. The following section explains the minimum requirements for a high class escort to be an actual courtesan: educational level, knowledge and interests, and social adaptability. Before addressing these aspects, I will briefly address the ways in which a courtesan does not have to differ from a high class escort, which is her hourly rate.


Before addressing all the things that make a high class escort a true courtesan, it might be useful to mention that quality courtesans do not necessarily have to charge more for their companionship than other high class escorts. Some high class escorts might charge up to €1.000 (or more) per hour. These rates could be based on their status as celebrity or employment as fashion model, or on their overall physical appearance, which they perceive to be of high(er) financial value. A courtesan may charge a similar hourly rate, but the features that make her a courtesan are not at all similar to whatever makes an escort a high class escort (or an expensive high class escort). Having said that, I invite you to continue reading and find out more about what sets ‘the courtesan’ apart.

Educational Level

The least subjective feature that sets a courtesan apart from just any high class escort companion, might be educational level. A decent courtesan usually enjoys at least one academic degree. Most high-end courtesans completed at least a bachelor’s degree, but it is not uncommon for a courtesan to hold a master’s degree, or even a PhD.


Beside educational level, a courtesan differs from other high class escort in terms of what you can reasonably expect from her overall knowledge. This means that a courtesan usually enjoys expanding her knowledge beyond her academic discipline. She might hold a degree in a certain academic discipline, but you can most definitely expect her to be familiar with subjects such as art, philosophy, history and culture, but usually much more.


Knowledge is often a result of interests. And you can expect a courtesan to have multiple sincere interests that reach beyond –and often might not even include– material richness or being a man’s object of desire. A courtesan is always interested in you as a person and the ways in which the two of you connect, or perhaps differ. She is excited to explore everything that makes you the individual human being you are, and everything that is part of the connection between you and her. Every courtesan has her own favorite subjects of interest, varying from literature to sports or something more specific and uncommon. But one thing all true courtesans have in common, is their overall interest in other people’s interests –whatever those might be.

Social Adaptability

Finally, a true courtesan is never the type Nouveau Riche. She has learned how to present herself, decent and tasteful. Whatever her income might be, she is always respectful and aware of social etiquette.

The Honest Courtesan

A true Courtesan Onesto (honest courtesan) strives to increase her inner beauty. She values kindness, compassion and trustworthiness. More than she values outer beauty. She enjoys connecting with others and wishes to bring them pleasure and happiness. She also chooses to be a pleasure provider and is not forced to. She does not perceive bringing pleasure to a man or woman in need of affection to be something wrong. She would never demean herself or her reputation by allowing herself to become greedy, and she would never do anything to embarrass or hurt another individual.

.. this post is not finished yet, but I hope I was able to explain the ‘essence of the courtesan’ thus far.


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